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Transaction Processing

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Firms that master the ability to quickly process transactions, execute trades and access the market have a decided advantage. That’s why financial organizations around the world use Concurrent’s RedHawk Linux to guarantee optimal performance, lower processing cost and increase profitability.

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The Ideal OS for Time-Critical Applications

RedHawk Linux is an industry standard, open source real-time operating system compatible with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS distributions. RedHawk is ideally suited for complex financial services applications. With Concurrent, financial services companies can count on:

  • Consistent data delivery with no latency spikes
  • Guaranteed real-time response time
  • Real-time manageability of market data

RedHawk Linux is supported by our powerful NightStar non-intrusive debugging and analysis tools that provide unprecedented insight into overall system performance. NightStar gives you a graphic view of the interaction of your application with the Linux kernel to help eliminate bottlenecks and maximize your application performance.

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Professional Services

When you need technical expertise backed by years of experience, our Professional Services team can help with integration of custom I/O boards, specialized rugged platforms, consulting services and software re-hosting. We work with our customers to provide the help they need to get up and running fast.

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