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Process Control

State-of-the-art technology to improve productivity and quality

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Improving manufacturing processes and quality can mean a big difference in product time-to-market and to a company’s bottom line. From process design to live plant control, manufacturers leverage Concurrent state-of-the-art technology to improve both productivity and quality. Concurrent offers the best available COTS process control solution featuring our RedHawk Linux real-time operating system.

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Real-Time Response

Our RedHawk Linux real-time operating system delivers highly deterministic real-time response times of less than 5 microseconds to guarantee successful handling of all process events. RedHawk is the operating system of choice for applications involving HiL or XiL simulation because of its powerful features and debugging and analysis tools.

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Develop Models and Test Quickly

We also offer our SIMulation Workbench (SimWB) modeling environment to help you develop process models and fully test processes before entering plant production. SimWB provides an easy-to-use GUI to allow users the ability to design and build HiL and XiL simulations. SimWB can be easily integrated into any workflow, thanks to its support for many industry-standard tools.

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Our iHawk multiprocessing platforms are fully-integrated solutions that are custom-built systems using the most advanced hardware available on the market. They include all the I/O cards, drivers and packaging needed to meet your process control requirements and support Concurrent’s software and hardware offerings, including RedHawk, SimWB, and a wide array of I/O cards.

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Professional Services

When you need technical expertise backed by years of experience, our Professional Services team can help with integration of custom I/O boards, specialized rugged platforms, consulting services and software re-hosting. We work with our customers to provide the help they need to get up and running fast.

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