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Low latency transaction processing

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In the banking and brokerage industries, low latency is the key to successful financial transaction processing. Often, it can mean the difference between mere survival and the ability to compete aggressively – and win – in today’s demanding financial markets.

Concurrent solutions are specifically designed to help financial services firms of all kinds achieve consistent data delivery without unwanted latency spikes. We can help you achieve guaranteed real-time response and management of market data so you can maximize performance while getting a leg up on the competition.


Real-Time Excellence for Financial Markets

In today’s blazing-fast world of financial transactions, achieving success is increasingly dependent on the ability to perform with ultra-low latency. At Concurrent Real-Time, we specialize in crafting an extensive suite of solutions meticulously engineered to support the seamless and secure operation of the most demanding operations. Our commitment to innovation and excellence ensures that financial institutions have the real-time capabilities they need to stay ahead in a competitive landscape where milliseconds can mean the difference between profit and loss.

Accelerating Transactions at Engine Speed

Our real-time operating systems and hardware platforms guarantee deterministic response times to process trades, orders, and complex data workloads with unparalleled speed and precision. Financial institutions can execute automated strategies and capitalize on narrow market windows before opportunities evaporate.


Harness the Power of Data, In Real-Time

Rapidly ingest, analyze and act upon vast data streams from global financial exchanges. Concurrent’s solutions equip quants, analysts and traders with cutting-edge tools to transform data into revenue-driving insights in real-time.


Limitless Performance, Ultimate Scalability

We’ve raised the ceiling on what’s possible for maximum transaction throughput and data-crunching capabilities. Continuously push boundaries with flexible solutions easily scaled and optimized for emerging demands.

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