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Aerospace & Defense

Advancing Aerospace Excellence: Innovations in Defense Technology

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Introducing AeroHawk

The Future of Defense System Simulation and Testing. AeroHawk, engineered with the cutting-edge Concurrent Real-Time’s RedHawk™ Linux® HiL technology, sets a new benchmark in aerospace and defense innovation. This state-of-the-art system is designed to revolutionize how we approach simulation and testing in real-time applications. With its advanced open Real Time Operating System (RTOS), AeroHawk offers unparalleled precision and reliability. Its capabilities extend to a variety of applications, including the simulation of high-stakes scenarios for training purposes. With AeroHawk every potential challenge is simulated with utmost accuracy. AeroHawk makes this possible. It’s not just a tool; it’s a gateway to safer, more cost-effective, and reliable training and testing, enhancing both performance and operational safety in the most complex of defense systems.

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Mission-Critical Operations

When it comes to aerospace and defense, where every second counts and failure is not an option, organizations around the globe turn to Concurrent Real-Time. Our real-time Linux operating system, comprehensive development tools, and robust integrated hardware platforms are trusted for a broad array of defense applications, such as:

  • Weapons system control
  • Warfighter training programs
  • In-depth radar data analysis
  • Comprehensive defense system simulation and rigorous testing

One pivotal deployment is with the U.S. Navy’s Aegis Combat System—an automated, state-of-the-art weapons system that adeptly manages real-time threats across diverse missions.
Leveraging our guaranteed latency, these applications perform reliably under the most demanding circumstances, ensuring critical operations proceed without a hitch.

U.S. Navy Open Architecture Program

Championing the U.S. Navy Open Architecture Program
Industry leaders like Lockheed Martin turn to our RedHawk Linux operating system for its unmatched real-time computational performance, crucial for complex defense initiatives. Alongside this, our NightStar toolkit offers profound development and analytical capabilities, ensuring a quick and easy integration. This synergy not only meets but advances the Navy’s goals for agile and cost-effective system upgrades, solidifying our role as an essential cog in the machinery of national defense innovation.

Our platform’s rigorous compliance capabilities meet the strictest standards, ensuring operations are both efficient and secure. With unmatched customizability and seamless integration, Concurrent solutions are built to evolve with your needs, empowering organizations to stay ahead in a dynamic technological landscape.

Concurrent Aerospace & Defense Programs

United States

  • NUWC Torpedo Weapons Analysis Facility
  • C17 Training System
  • United Launch Alliance rocket programs
  • USMC Supporting Arms Virtual Trainer (SAVT)
  • Non-Rated Crew Member Manned Module (NCM3)
  • AH-64 Apache Helicopter trainer
  • B-1B Bomber Weapons Control System
  • THAAD Missile Program
  • C-130 Air Crew Training Simulator
  • F-16 Pilot Training
  • Naval Systems Warfare Center Crane Division
  • NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) Program
  • Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) Program
  • Air Force Open Weapon Seeker
  • Joint Laser Deconfliction Safety System (JLDSS), Directed Energy Models and Effects Repository


  • CEV/EUROCOPTER Tiger Helicopter Simulation Program


  • EADS Eurofighter Typhoon Interim Training Device (ITD) Flight Simulator
  • Airbus Industries Heavy Lift System Simulation


  • K-Series Tank Platoon Simulator (KTPS)
  • KAI KF-X HQS Host System


  • Department of Defense SH-60K PHTT Simulator Program
  • AH-1S Helicopter Flight Simulator
  • T-90 Tank Gunner Training Simulator
  • Honda Jet Engine HF120 Test System (Vibration Data Acquisition and Analysis)

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