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Concurrent’s solution for Data Center Infrastructure Management

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What is the DCIM?

Concurrent Real-Time’s DCIM provides a fully customizable solution for data center infrastructure management. The DCIM offers a comprehensive set of cabinet-level control, monitoring, and security features needed in data centers, laboratories and other user environments.

The Concurrent DCIM can be customized to meet the individual requirements of any application environment. The DCIM runs an embedded version of Concurrent’s RedHawk™ Linux® real-time operating system.



Touchscreen Display

A 7″ touchscreen on the front door of the cabinet displays key status information and allows control of key cabinet functions via a GUI. The video interface to the DCIM is HDMI and the USB interface provides touchscreen power and pointer position. The touchscreen has two modes – Default and Status. Default mode displays a keypad on first touch and requires a passcode to view or control any features, including release of the door locks. A timeout will force the use of the keypad passcode after a period of inactivity.

Status mode shows the various cabinet environmental and power parameter menus on first touch. A login button brings up the login keypad. Control or modification of the parameters cannot be performed without a successful login. When idle, the screen displays a moving logo to enhance screen life. A two step Emergency Power Off (EPO) may be performed without login. This allows for an EPO to be executed without first opening the front door to access the EPO button. The DCIM also contains manual switches to control AC power input to the cabinet. Provisions for up to four PDUs are supported. An EPO button can also be included.

DCIM Touchscreen

Intelligent Fan Control

An intelligent fan control board resides within the DCIM and interacts with the processor to provide access to fan status, speed and two temperature sensors. Power and tachometer signals for the four cabinet exhaust fans are interfaced through a 25-pin D-Sub connector allowing the cabinet’s exhaust fan bay to be directly controlled by the DCIM. By default, fan speed is regulated by cabinet exhaust temperature. Auto fan speed can be overridden with a fixed value if desired.


Enhanced Access Control

A provision for badge reader keypad access to the cabinet is available. If the badge reader is incorporated on the front door of the cabinet, it is connected directly to the facility security system through the rear interface terminal. When a valid badge/keypad entry is detected, the facility security system sends a signal to the DCIM and the cabinet doors are unlocked for five seconds. The DCIM logs the keypad entry time and date.

When a door unlock command is performed, front and rear doors will unlock and will remain unlocked as long as one door is open. When both doors are closed, both will automatically lock in five seconds. Sensors are installed to detect the status of each door and side panel. An alarm is generated and logged if a door or side panel is open. Unique door keying options are available.

DCIM Controls


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