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About AMD

Advanced Micro Devices is an innovative technology company dedicated to collaborating with customers and partners to achieve the next generation of computing and graphics solutions. AMD Opteron Series 6000 processors are featured on Concurrent iHawk and ImaGen platforms.


Multi-Core Architecture:

AMD processors, like many modern CPUs, typically feature multiple cores. Each core can handle its own set of instructions simultaneously, allowing for parallel processing. This is beneficial for concurrent tasks, as different threads or processes can be assigned to different cores.


The iHawk™, developed by Concurrent Real-Time, stands as a high-performance, Linux-based computer platform specifically tailored for time-critical functions such as simulation, data acquisition, and process control applications, with a focus on embedded software domains. This versatile platform is meticulously constructed using the latest and most advanced commercial-off-the-shelf components available in the market. Users harness Concurrent Real-Time’s profound expertise in real-time computing to customize iHawk systems, ensuring optimization for their unique applications while maintaining scalability for future projects. iHawk offers a range of choices, allowing users to select from Intel, AMD, or ARM CPUs, facilitating configurations with up to 224 CPU cores operating at speeds ranging from 1.5GHz to 4.1GHz. The platform also boasts substantial storage and RAM capacity, accommodating TerraByte-level resources, along with support for graphics and compute GPUs. Additionally, iHawk incorporates critical features such as Root of Trust, memory and cache isolation, ensuring a robust and secure computing environment for demanding real-time applications.

iHawk Nano
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