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United Electronic Industries

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United Electronic Industries (UEI) collects real-world data for aerospace, defense, energy, and transportation industries that enable our customers to build smart systems that are reliable, flexible, and rugged. We offer a full range of data acquisition, test, and control solutions and over 90 + I/O boards including analog, digital, serial, avionics, CAN bus, simulation, and much more. Our systems are ideal for embedded control, simulators, engine test, hardware-in-the-loop (HIL), health and usage monitoring (HUMS), time sensitive networking (TSN), and may more applications. UEI removes the worry of obsolescence and ensures the system can operate for years to come with our 10 year availability guarantee and 3 year hardware warranty, upgradeable to 10 years, on all COTS hardware.

UEI I/O cards supported

Analog InAI-202 , AI-217, AI-248
Analog OutAO-319, AO-332, AO-333
Digital InDIO-448
Digital OutDIO-432, DIO-433
ARINC 429429-516

Future support coming for:

Analog InAI-201
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