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Connect Tech Inc.

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About Connect Tech

Connect Tech, the global leader for NVIDIA Jetson platforms, offers an extensive line of commercial off the shelf solutions for Jetson Nano, Jetson TX2 and the Jetson AGX Xavier. Offering AI camera platforms, carrier boards and fully packaged Jetson solutions, Connect Tech have the products that will move you from development to deployment! We also pair the most current Intel processors with NVIDIA Quadro and Tesla GPUs in embedded formats.

Connect Tech Inc.

Our Partnership

Concurrent Real-Time has developed a strategic partnership with Connect Tech Inc and collaborate on bringing hard real-time to Connect Tech’s NVIDIA® Jetson™ platforms.

Certified Platforms


Rudi-AGX unleashes the full potential of the NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™ module, capable of running AI programs at Maximum Performance (MAX-N) while maintaining a safe operating temperature. With an AGX Xavier SoM embedded, Rudi-AGX features a Volta GPU with 512 CUDA cores, 64 Tensor cores, and is able to achieve AI performance of 32 TOPs. Not all AGX Xavier systems are built the same. Rudi-AGX’s thermal optimization allows access to the module’s full AI performance capabilities, making it the AI Edge solution compute-intensive applications can rely on.

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RedHawk ReleaseBaselineKernel.orgUbuntuJetpackNVIDIA L4TDate
7.5.5r32. R35.5.105-06-2021
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